the moment your excuses become inexcusable, you give your mind permission to shift from impossible to inevitable.

thank you for your interest in clarity coaching with me, joi k. madison. should you choose to embark on this journey, it will require much patience, commitment + effort on your part. though challenging, it will be worth every step you take beyond your comfort zone. 

because of the depth + value of this work, this brief questionnaire was created in an effort to support all parties involved in making an informed decision about whether or not clarity coaching with me will be a good fit at this time. please note, completion of this survey does not guarantee a scheduled call. in an effort to optimize your experience, only applicants who meet specific criteria will be allowed to reserve one of the limited appointments on my calendar.

if you have read + understood this and still choose to continue, i look forward to learning more about you + how i can support you in living your best life. click below to get started. 

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in what area would you say you need clarity the most? *

and how valuable is it to you to see vast improvements in these areas? *

are you prepared to invest time, energy + financial resources into seeing results in this area in the next 30-60 days? *

fear is a large part of the reason i haven't been able to create the life i want.

have you ever worked with a life coach or therapist before? if so, briefly describe your experience. *

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